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Kiss Action Figures Kiss Novelties Kiss Trading Cards
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Kiss Posters Kiss Photos Kiss Apparel

Some say KISS was the greatest rock band of all time. That’s in large part because of their legion of loyal followers, who even today, continue to follow and support the band and its members. There is a plethora of KISS merchandise on the market today due to the still incredibly high demand for it. Any type of KISS memorabilia you could possibly think of, has already been thought of, and is already being sold and purchased out there by somebody.

Whether you want to start selling some of your own personal collection of KISS merchandise or you want to start buying up everybody else’s, you have to get a solid grasp of the situation first. As I already mentioned, every KISS item you could dream of is out there in stores, on eBay, in private auctions and showrooms and so on. Yet, there is still a great demand for it. KISS fans are fans for life.

First, we should differentiate between vintage KISS memorabilia and new KISS merchandise that can be found everywhere. Vintage memorabilia are old items that are no longer produced. For a true collector, these will hold more value and will have more meaning. New KISS merchandise on the other hand are simply newly manufactured items such as t-shirts, belt-buckles, mugs, games, drumsticks and yes, even condoms.

So if all you’re looking for is something with the word KISS on it, you’ll undoubtedly have plenty of options from your local record store to any number of places online. If you’re looking for vintage KISS memorabilia, it won’t be quite as easy but there is still more than enough to go around. Now you have to decide what kind of KISS merchandise you’re interested in collecting.

Some of the more popular KISS items include posters and lithographs. These can be regular posters purchased in a store during the 70s or they can be special issue lithographs or posters that were designed for one specific concert or event. These are harder to find, especially if you’re looking for a specific item from that one concert you got to go to when you were a kid. So expect to pay – or earn – more money for good condition memorabilia items from specific events or times.

Other favorite vintage KISS memorabilia items include old records and original albums. For most people, nothing beats putting on an old school vinyl with their favorite music. But other people won’t even play these classics, they prefer just to collect them. Of course, as with all kinds of merchandise, anything signed becomes more valuable and more highly sought after.

There are thousands upon thousands of signed KISS autographs out there to be bought and sold, on every possible surface. Albums, posters, t-shirts, concert tickets, photographs, guitar picks, and on down the list. Typically, the more band members that signed something, the more expensive the item becomes. However, some collectors are fans of just one particular KISS member and therefore are only looking for items pertaining to them.

You can’t mention vintage KISS memorabilia without mentioning the toys. There are KISS masks, KISS makeup, frisbees, toy cars and more. That’s certainly enough to keep your inner child - and KISS fan - happy. You wanted the best Kiss merchandise and memorabilia! You got the best Kiss merchandise and memorabilia! We offer a huge collection of new, used, rare and vintage Kiss merchandise online. We have all types of Kiss rock band memorabilia for sale from the hottest band in the world. Grow or start your Kiss collection today. we also have Kiss news, concert dates and a Kiss blog for your viewing pleasure as well. Sit back and enjoy the Kiss history or Kisstory if you will. So whatever kinds of KISS memorabilia or merchandise you are looking for, you’ll be able to find it out there; happy hunting.

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